2nd Annual eXcellence Awards Winners & Finalists - Page 5

& Handheld Hardware">

Infrastructure: Desktop & Handheld Hardware


Tandberg ASA

Tandberg 1000


Handspring Inc.

Treo 180

NEC Computers Inc.

MobilePro P300

Tandberg 1000.

The Desktop & Handheld Hardware category comprised a diverse constellation of products that demonstrate the increasing role of mobile and appliance-based platforms in enterprise computing.

The judges considered a number of handheld devices but selected NECs MobilePro P300 as a finalist for the flexibility of its Secure Digital and Compact Flash expansion slots, as well as the virtual private network and Terminal Services facilities that the Pocket PC 2002-based unit boasts.

Handsprings Palm OS-based Treo 180 also claimed a finalist spot. We were impressed with what Handspring has done in merging a wireless handset with a personal digital assistant without introducing undue sacrifice on either side.

Slightly edging out the Treo to win the category was the Tandberg 1000 videoconferencing appliance, which, as one of our judges remarked, does for videoconferencing what Sony Corp.s Playstation 2 did for gaming. The Tandberg 1000 lowers the barrier to convening videoconferences, does it with style and brings its own monitor along to boot. Jason Brooks