2nd Annual eXcellence Awards Winners & Finalists - Page 6

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Infrastructure: E-Business Foundations



WebSphere Application Server 4.0


BroadVision Inc.

BroadVision Retail Commerce 6.0

Percussion Software Inc.

Rhythmyx Content Manager 4.0

The eXcellence Awards e-Business Foundations category was home to the products and services that are the basic building blocks of e-commerce systems: data management systems, data integration servers, application servers and online storefront systems.

We were impressed with the selection of tools that IT staff have available to them to help manage data, both in structured and unstructured form. New in this years program was a strong showing by several native XML database systems, although none were yet mature enough, in the view of our judges, to become finalists.

Judges compared several content management systems—one of which, Percussion Softwares Rhythmyx Content Manager 4.0—was selected as a finalist for its strong separation of content from format and content aging and workflow features.

Web storefront BroadVisions BroadVision Retail Commerce 6.0 was also chosen as a finalist for its breadth of features designed for very large sites, particularly its sales data analysis tools, call center integration and customer self-service features. However, Retail Commerces high purchase price and operational costs were a concern.

The winner in the e-Business Foundations category was IBMs WebSphere Application Server 4.0, which provides a rock-solid foundation for Web, mobile and voice-based applications.

The judges in this category liked WebSpheres reasonable price, flexibility, strong selection of e-commerce and integration extensions, and its standout management tools. The cost of its legacy data connectors and less-than-cutting-edge standards support were negatives. Timothy Dyck