2nd Annual eXcellence Awards Winners & Finalists - Page 7

nterprise Collaboration & Messaging">

Infrastructure: Enterprise Collaboration & Messaging


FaceTime Comm. Inc.

FaceTime IM Auditor 1.2


Cardiff Software Inc.

LiquidOffice eForm Management System 2.0

iConverse Inc.

iConverse Adaptix 1.0

The Enterprise Collaboration & Messaging category featured an extremely wide range of products, covering everything from enterprise-class e-mail servers to online meeting places.

The technology within the winner in this category—FaceTime IM Auditor 1.2—doesnt feature anything particularly exotic or overly impressive, but the product provides management for the seemingly unmanageable space of instant messaging. In the end, its the application of technology that matters most, and IM Auditor 1.2 is a well-positioned management utility that will allow IT managers to track and audit the usage of IM within their organization.

One of the two finalists in the category—Cardiff Softwares LiquidOffice eForm Management System 2.0—is an extremely solid product and should help many companies manage workflow and digital documents.

The other finalist—iConverses Adaptix 1.0—is a tool that allows IT managers to develop mobile applications with intelligent content caching capabilities. Henry Baltazar