5 Ways Pegasystems Is Helping to Digitally Transform Companies

1 - 5 Ways Pegasystems Is Helping to Digitally Transform Companies
2 - British Gas
3 - New York Life
4 - New Jersey Courts
5 - Allianz
6 - Cisco Systems
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5 Ways Pegasystems Is Helping to Digitally Transform Companies

As digital changes the way companies approach customer service, marketing and sales engagement, some are innovating more than others. Here are some examples.

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British Gas

Serving around 11 million homes, British Gas is the largest energy and services provider in the UK—yet, its marketing strategy wasn't always indicative of this. Channels and technologies operated in silos, creating disconnect across multiple platforms and departments. British Gas selected Pegasystems to consolidate multiple platforms into one unified system. By using a centralized decisioning hub to understand the outcome of a customer interaction, each channel is able to learn from and update the others, and work in sync to support the customer across all channels.

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New York Life

New York Life is a giant in the insurance industry, but with so many disparate systems and processes across departments, the company needed to standardize technology and make processes scalable to address current and future new business-related activities, including information entry, application processing and underwriting, as well as support future long-term care insurance claims management processes. The company chose Pegasystems for its ability to track and manage case complexities while providing a holistic view of the process. Pegasystems' technology has enabled New York Life to achieve shorter timeframes for new business processing and significantly reduced transaction times.

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New Jersey Courts

According to the Center for Court Innovation, an estimated half-million people are detained every day in the United States because of an inability to post bail. In November 2014, New Jersey voters passed legislation to reform the state's criminal justice system and implement bail reform changes by January 2017. The state turned to Pegasystems to implement these changes. Pegasystems' software enables courts to quickly conduct intelligent risk assessments of each defendant using predetermined rules and criteria to assist in a judge's determination of pre-trial release eligibility.

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In existence for 125 years, Allianz insures 85 million policyholders across 70 countries. With increasing competition in the market, customer experience is becoming a competitive differentiator, especially with new, younger customers. To accommodate this group, Allianz is using Pegasystems for more agile analytics and decisioning at the front end of its processes, while keeping its back-end systems stable. The integration of Pega 7 rules-based technology as a middle layer in its IT systems has facilitated seamless data flow between agile customer applications and legacy core systems. This approach allows Allianz to meet changing customer demands for more sophisticated digital services.

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Cisco Systems

Founded in 1984, Cisco is one of the early, enduring players in Silicon Valley and a global behemoth. Yet, in today's fast-paced and digital world, stagnancy is not an option for Cisco to maintain and expand its market share. The company is using Pegasystems' solutions to optimize business processes, intelligent routing and service automation across the organization. Cisco's use of intelligent routing and stratified service level agreements ensures consistency in predicting and meeting customer service expectations by deploying process automation and elite agents. Digitization is helping Cisco reimagine its business and create customers for life.

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