9 Ways Elasticsearch Helps Us, From Dawn to Dusk

1 - 9 Ways Elasticsearch Helps Us, From Dawn to Dusk
2 - The Guardian
3 - Microsoft
4 - HotelTonight
5 - Yelp
6 - Wikimedia
7 - Dell
8 - Groupon
9 - Quizlet
10 - Netflix
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9 Ways Elasticsearch Helps Us, From Dawn to Dusk

Here's a look at how we use Elasticsearch, a distributed, open-source search and analytics engine designed for scalability, reliability and easy management.

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The Guardian

First thing in the morning, you're checking what's trending in the world, through the magic of "The Guardian's" Ophan system based on Elasticsearch. Ophan, "The Guardian's" in-house developed analytics system, enables users across the company to see in real time how users are interacting with the newspaper's content.

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It's time to measure the effectiveness of that most recent online campaign. Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM software uses Elasticsearch to index and analyze all your social feeds, filtering the topics and getting you the answers you need.

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You're flying to Memphis tomorrow, and Elasticsearch will help analyze and search vacancies across the Internet to find the right room for you.

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Memphis doesn't need to be all work. What are the best places to eat and catch music on Beale Street? Yelp's search and recommendation engine, powered by Elasticsearch, will find just what you want.

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Back to work, and you use Wikipedia to research the history and issues around that drug protocol, for example. Elasticsearch helps you find what you're looking for, fast.

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Need to purchase a new tablet? What you don't know is Elasticsearch logs all the events on Dell.com every time you make a click to ensure your transactions go through.

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And while you're at it, why not buy something nice for yourself. Elasticsearch powers Groupon to show you relevant deals based on custom scoring, like a two-for-one massage for that day spa in town.

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Your high school-age child is preparing for a math exam, and you log in to Quizlet and get immediate Elasticsearch-powered recommendations on new study sets; despite being in Memphis, you can collaborate with your kid online.

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Ending the day, you stream "House of Cards" while Netflix uses Elasticsearch to monitor system performance so there's no interruption for you or your kids' stream of "Pajanimals."

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