A First Look at Office for Mac 2011

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A First Look at Office for Mac 2011

by P. J. Connolly

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Web Apps for Mac People

Office Web Apps are available to both personal and small business users via Windows Live, and enterprise customers that use SharePoint; files can be hosted on Microsofts SkyDrive service or on a SharePoint site.

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Conditional Formatting Overhauled in Excel for Mac

Excels reworked tools allow users to add useful visual cues to spreadsheets and other reports, and new quick-select rules allow users to easily include icons and data bars within a document.

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Edit Photos Within an Office Application

The core Office for Mac applications—Word, Excel and PowerPoint—now offer powerful photo editing capabilities, which can be accessed without ever leaving your document.

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Sort Your E-Mails by Conversation

Much of e-mail is a volley of messages within a group, and Outlook for Mac 2011 automatically condenses those conversational volleys down to a single line in the Inbox.

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Redesigned Template Gallery

The newly redesigned Template Gallery functions in Word, Excel and PowerPoint allow users to customize document templates from the gallery and preview changes before using.

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VBA Returns to Office for Mac

Visual Basic for Applications returns to the Mac platform by popular demand, and allows the automation of awkward or repetitive tasks; these automations can be shared with other Office users.

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Dynamic Reordering Eases Work with Multilayer Documents

The new dynamic reordering tools in Word and PowerPoint make it simple to manage layered content, and offer a 3D view of document layers.

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View Calendar When Scheduling from an E-Mail

Accepting meeting invitations used to require switching back and forth between e-mail and calendaring tools; Outlook 2011 provides a view of ones calendar from within the invitation.

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It's All in the Box

Office for Mac 2011 will launch on Oct. 26 and is available in a Home and Student edition made up of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as the Home and Business edition, which adds Outlook.

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