A New CRM Approach: Shield Customer Names, But Still Allow Personalized Marketing

With Privacy Concerns Making Some Users Hesitant, Will This Inbetween Approach Help?

A New York start-up has launched a product called PowerPay that tries to address the customization needs of the retailer with the privacy concerns of some consumers. Its approach allows consumers to make purchases without letting the retailers tie those purchases directly to them.

Retailers can, however, make offers to PowerPay customers by logging reward points or other benefits to their unique PowerPay number. They also can band together to create marketing alliances. For instance, a drugstore might choose to partner with a local theater to offer free movie tickets to frequent drugstore shoppers.

The PowerPay card is presented by a consumer at any point of sale within, for example, the Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks stadiums. The card is administered through a Web site, where the customer can link the PowerPay card to an existing debit card or credit card. As the consumer makes purchases, they are totaled and registered with whichever loyalty programs has been chosen. Alternatively, vendors -- such as the sports franchise -- can choose to sort information by demographics or buying behavior, and offer discounts or loyalty rewards to particular groups of customers.

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