Accenture to Launch User-Friendly Big Data Analytics Service

The new service aims to make data analytics more accessible and palatable for corporate employees. It runs on the cloud-based Accenture Insights Platform.

Accenture Connected Analytics Experience

IT systems integration giant Accenture will launch its own immersive, cloud-based, big data analytics platform on Sept. 23.

The Accenture Connected Analytics Experience, as the New York City-based company calls it, is an immersive and collaborative service that makes data analytics more accessible and user-friendly for corporate employees. It runs on the cloud-based Accenture Insights Platform that went live in 2014.

Developed by Accenture Analytics, the new service provides users with next-generation business intelligence powered by end-to-end analytics offerings that include analytics strategy, a multidisciplinary data insights team, a data platform containing big data technologies and an analytics center of excellence that democratizes analytics.

The Experience is designed to make analytics easier to understand and to expand the range of business users who can utilize it on a daily basis–ranging from C-suite executives to data scientists to functional managers to other employees, Accenture said.

By improving their knowledge and usage of business data, users with a variety of skillsets can collaborate on a specific challenge in an analytics environment, more easily examine and interpret the insights via data visualizations, and innovate through data-driven exploration and decision making, Accenture said.

When they're using data analytics on a regular basis, employees can find the hidden value in their data—either live or remotely on their preferred devices—and pursue sales goals in real time.

Accenture's analytics tool suite already is being used by enterprises in the telecommunications, health care, consumer packaged goods, and financial services sectors.

The platform is a example of a solution that was developed in conjunction with Accenture Technology Labs, Accenture's global research and development organization, which is focused on using cutting-edge technologies and applying them in new ways to address specific business problems.

Accenture, which has 336,000 employees scattered throughout the globe, maintains relationships with an ecosystem of advanced analytics providers and emerging players in the analytics and big data space. For example, Mezzanine from Oblong Industries enables the immersive environment for the Accenture Connected Analytics Experience.

"Innovation doesn't happen singularly, it requires collaboration among people, data, and technology," Accenture CTO Paul Daugherty said. "By bringing all of these enabling elements together ... businesses can more confidently weave collaborative, data-driven decision making into their corporate cultures."

The Accenture Connected Analytics Experience is currently localized and available in Accenture locations in New York City, San Jose, Calif., and Bangalore, India. Accenture plans to build environments in other data centers around the world including Chicago, Paris, Madrid, Milan, London, Mumbai, and Singapore. Immersive environments also can be built on premise at a company's site.

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