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Review: Avvenu is a one-stop solution for accessing your files while away from your PC, whether you're on a laptop, a PDA or a mobile phone. (

Ever leave the office for the weekend and forget an important file stored on your PC? Avvenu takes the pain out of this situation by letting you access and edit your documents from your home PC, mobile phone, Palm device or PDA.

The software also lets you share documents with others on the fly. This could be a real boon if you think of something important while away from the office. It lets you and other colleagues get to files that would normally be locked away until you return.

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To get started, download the Avvenu software and install it on the PC you want to share files from. Once you set up your account, you can access any file on your PC as long as the Avvenu software is running.

To access documents from your mobile phone, PDA, or Palm device, you simply go to the log-in site and log on with your user name and password. Voilà: Your PCs directory structure appears on your mobile devices screen. Then you can browse around and download files to your phone or PDA.

Sharing files or folders on the fly is also simple. You input the e-mail addresses of the people you want to share with, add a text message if desired, and click Share, all from your mobile device. (You can also set the addresses and message up at your desktop PC before you leave the office).

Another thing you can specify is when the sharing expires. After you click Share the recipients receive an e-mail message with a clickable link that gives them, and only them, access to the data you shared for the allotted time.

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