ACCPAC Releases 2004 Upgrades of Simply Accounting Packages

ACCPAC International, a maker of accounting software for small businesses, announced Wednesday 2004 updates of its Simply Accounting Basic and Simply Accounting Pro software packages.

ACCPAC International Inc., which makes accounting software for small businesses, announced Wednesday its Simply Accounting Basic 2004 and Simply Accounting 2004 Pro packages.

The Basic package includes payroll and e-commerce functions. The Pro version steps it up a notch by providing support for multiple users and currencies as well as time and billing, among other features.

ACCPAC, of Mississauga, Ontario, said the 2004 editions are a major upgrade from previous iterations of the software and include dozens of new features and enhancements.

Included in both the Basic and Pro upgraded packages are industry-specific productivity tips from professional accountants for using the software. The industries include agriculture, construction, food and beverages, manufacturing, medical/dental, not-for-profit, personal services, professional services, real estate and retail.

The updated versions feature an enhanced user interface that offers a two-layer approach to navigating the accounting system: one for new users, which provides quick access to common functions, and the other with a distinct view that provides a help section for self-service support.

A newly redesigned Account Reconciliation process enables users to lock fiscal periods to prevent transactions from being speciously applied, while auto-download options make product and payroll tax updates easier, officials said.

Simply Accountings updated search capabilities make it easier for users to find accounting information the likes of invoice numbers, check numbers and customer information.

Additional functionality includes the ability to handle pre-paid orders, additional credit card options and support for multiple prices lists in the Pro option. Added flexibility when generating inventory reports, integration with Microsoft Excel and better on-screen report presentations are also new features.

A Direct Deposit Payroll Service and Dun & Bradstreet Corp. credit check services are also available from within the accounting packages.

Both the Basic and Pro edition