ACCPAC Updates Warehouse Management System

Version 3.4 of Warehouse Management System offers beefier inventory management and shipping options.

Tapping small and midsized businesses, ACCPAC International Inc. announced today the next iteration of its Warehouse Management System.

Warehouse Management System 3.4 is designed to speed up the pick, pack and ship process. The upgraded software provides warehouse managers with more detailed inventory management information to hasten the process and reduce inventory-related mistakes.

With WMS 3.4, products made from various components can be set up as a Kit, which in turn, can be picked, packed, shipped and tracked as a single unit, or SKU. The Kit is optimized to support attribute control and fractional quantities, features that enable users to keep track of each component in a Kit, how many built Kits are in inventory and the configuration status of Kits that are only partially assembled.

Better serialized inventory control features in 3.4 provide enhanced attribute control and serial number support. This allows for easier stock-move operations and validation within the warehouse, officials said.

At the same time, a Bills of Lading Manifest Tracking feature lets users meet shipping requirements for LTL [less than truck load] quantities in their manifests. The idea is that once a carrier is selected, Version 3.4 lets users ship and track a load of any size.

The versions upgraded inventory management tools provide two new replenishment capabilities. The Advance Replenishment by Minimum and Maximum feature brings real-time visibility of unallocated inventory, while the Advance Replenishment by Velocity feature provides the capability to track the timeframe it takes for inventory to be turned over.

Version 3.4 also lets warehouse pickers fill multiple orders simultaneously, so they can choose items for multiple orders in a single run, load the items and leave them at the packing station for the next step in the process. The whole process can be managed using a touch screen.

The WMS software can be integrated with ACCPACs Advantage Series and Pro Series accounting systems.

ACCPAC is a subsidiary of Computer Associates International.