ActiveState Updates E-Mail Filter

PureMessage 3.0 offers Web-based administration and enhanced spam-blocking.

ActiveState Corp. announced a new version of its e-mail filtering software Tuesday, offering a Web-based administrative tool and improved spam-blocking technologies.

PureMessage 3.0 is targeted for midsize-to-large companies as well as universities and service providers, ActiveState officials, in Vancouver, British Columbia, said. It analyzes e-mail traffic at the network perimeter to identify spam and viruses before theyre delivered to inboxes.

The new Web-based console in this version allows administrators to establish their policies for handling viruses and spam messages as organizational preferences or policy dictates.

Version 3.0 of PureMessage, formerly known as PerlMx, also includes embedded virus protection from McAfee Security; new anti-spam heuristics; quarantine management so that end users can receive periodic digests of their quarantined messages for review or retrieval; and improved performance.

In other e-mail news this week, Burrotech, a Perth, Scotland-based company, on Monday released a free e-mail server called OfficeMail 1.1h. The Windows-server based system provides a local area network for small to midsize companies. It features anti-virus capabilities, mail forwarding, internal routing, intelligent aliases so that one POP account can be shared among many users, scheduled collection/delivery and support for both dial-up networking and DSL or LAN connections.

OfficeMail 1.1h supports all email clients and runs under Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT4, ME and XP and requires 16MB of RAM and 5MB of free hard disk space.