Actuate Offers Document Management Software

The software aims to reduce errors by eliminating manual data input.

Actuate announced Dec. 18 that Actuate 9 SP1, with its new support for native Microsoft PowerPoint, now allows users to choose from the complete range of Microsoft Office formats for viewing and presenting information.

Actuate 9 SP1, which is scheduled to be available in December, offers the features from business intelligence applications by giving users the power to choose the most appropriate format for the information and the audience. These format choices eliminate the need for users to manually transfer information into other formats, which can introduce errors, Actuate officials said.

"One of the most significant bottlenecks in the communication of information has been the arduous process of preparing and formatting information for group consumption," said Jeff Morris, director of product marketing at Actuate, in a statement.

"Traditional processes require manual steps to compile, format and assemble documents and slide presentations that contain report data. Because of this manual process, updating the same document and presentation requires the user to repeat all the steps, which ultimately reduces the speed with which organizations can leverage information to react to business trends."

With Actuate 9 e.Report, users can now centrally generate and manage native PowerPoint documents containing enterprise report data. Actuate 9 e.Report also now includes PowerPoint along with its supported brochure-quality formats, and users can expedite the production of PowerPoint presentations by selecting PowerPoint as their "save as" format. The Actuate iServer then delivers the report, or the pages specified by the user, in a ready-to-deliver PowerPoint presentation, Actuate officials said.

Actuate e.Report PowerPoint output can be securely delivered to millions of users by leveraging Actuates Page-Level Security and Actuate iServer. PowerPoint presentations can be scheduled, downloaded on demand and traded via e-mail, as can any other report format from Actuate, officials said. In addition, each user controls and selects the output format without re-executing the report.

Actuate 9 SP1 iServer supports all content generation options by adding e.Reports, Actuate Query and Actuate Analytics to the platform that already includes e.Spreadsheet, BIRT Reports and BusinessReport Studio. Actuate 9 SP1 e.Report features include enhanced dynamic text control for creating magazine, newspaper and brochure-style blocks of text, bubble charts and data-driven vector graphics.


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