ADIC to Debut New Tape Library

The Scaler 10K Dual Aisle will ship in May for about $320,000.

A new tape library from Advanced Digital Information Corp. will debut next week with high-availability features and will have iSCSI connections in the future, officials said Friday.

The Scaler 10K Dual Aisle will ship in May for about $320,000. ADIC designed its individual cartridges, controllers, drives, robots and power supplies to still function while others are being fixed, product manager Brian Bell said.

Also, "We have built in a firewall module that allows you to take certain drives and control access to them," Bell said, in Redmond, Wash.

The library can use up to 13,884 Linear Tape-Open (LTO) or 11,612 Super Digital Linear Tape (SDLT) cartridges, in 312 drives, or up to 22,938 Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) cartridges, in 624 drives, in the users choice of combinations.

Thats a raw capacity of up to 2.3 petabytes, or 6 petabytes using 2.6:1 compression, officials noted.

Other features of the Scaler 10K Dual Aisle include partitioning, e-mail alerts, and fault identification logic.

Currently the system connects to storage networks with 1 or 2G-bit per second Fibre Channel, but iSCSI is being considered, Bell said. That will be several months away, he said. It will be targeted not for direct connections, as in the recently launched Scaler i2000, but for users sharing data over wide-area networks, he said.

Super AIT cartridges are also being considered for future Scaler models, but a decision hasnt yet been made, officials said.

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