Adobe 7.0 Reader for Linux Becomes Available

The Linux version of the PDF reader, now with increased security and collaboration features, can be downloaded from the company's Web site.

Adobe has made a download of the Linux version of Adobe Reader 7.0 available on its ftp site. The newly renamed utility handles PDFs deftly, and additionally now allows users to collaborate on projects and provides additional file security at the server level, according to Adobe.

Adobe Systems Inc. briefly offered a prerelease of the Linux version of Adobe Reader 7.0 early this year through its beta program, but the download was soon discontinued once the company determined it had engaged with enough beta testers to meet its development requirements.

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Thankfully, Version 7.0 for Linux of Adobe Reader is now available for download in tar and rpm format from Adobes ftp site. Both downloads are nearly 40MB in size.

We installed the rpm on SuSE Linux Professional 9.2 without any difficulty, and it appears to work properly.

One function that seems to have been removed since the 5.x series (though we may yet discover it) is the ability to copy text with the mouse for pasting into other documents, so we kept our copy of 5.0.10 around just in case it comes in handy.

An interesting addition to the latest reader is that it now includes a small advertisement in the upper right-hand corner of its menu bar. Also, theres now an easy way launch a Web search directly from within the reader—but hey, who wants to do that with Yahoo?

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