Adobe Graphics Server to Cut Image Creation Costs

Adobe Systems Inc. is aiming to reduce the time and cost of creating and updating images by automating image production tasks.

Adobe Systems Inc. is aiming to reduce the time and cost of creating and updating images by automating image production tasks.

The San Jose, Calif., company last week announced the newest version of its graphics and imaging server software, Adobe Graphics Server 2.0—formerly known as Adobe AlterCast—which also integrates easily with asset management and e-commerce applications, according to Adobe officials.

Developers will be able to use the new version in Web and cross-media workflows, while meeting the requirements of asset management and pre-press systems, officials said.

The new software includes support for EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) and Adobe PDF and converts Scalable Vector Graphics files to PDF.

In addition, the product features integration with other Adobe applications and file formats to enable businesses with complex workflows, graphically rich Web sites and print materials to set up a process for creating, automating and delivering customized images in multiple formats, officials said.

The server, due by the end of the year, also integrates with asset management and content management systems, such as those from Documentum Inc. and MediaBin Inc.

"Adobes new Graphics Server 2.0 software is a huge breakthrough for corporate design departments around the world who manage and convert images for purposes such as print ads, billboards and the Web," said Jason Wehling, chief technology officer at NetXposure Inc., a Portland, Ore., software development company. "Adobes added support for EPS and PDF, making the Graphic Server 2.0 software unique in its ability to automate, modify and re-purpose content for both print and Web workflows. Our clients are interested in integrating Adobe Graphics Server with our Exogen Image Portal solution."

Businesses can use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, GoLive and InDesign software to create templates that can be automatically updated by Adobe Graphics Server to enhance visual communications and branding efforts, Adobe officials said. Adobe Graphics Server runs on major application servers from BEA Systems Inc., IBM, Sun Microsystems Inc. and Oracle Corp.

Adobe Graphics Server 2.0 costs about $7,500 per CPU. An upgrade from Adobe AlterCast to Adobe Graphics Server 2.0 costs about $2,250 per CPU, and a developer license is half the cost of the regular price, or $3,750 per CPU.

In addition, Adobe Graphics Server 2.0 will be sold with Documentums Documentum Media Services and the Media-Bin Brand Asset Management technology as part of OEM agreements.