Adobe Primetime Powers BBC Olympics Simulcast on PCs, Tablets, Smartphones and Devices

Adobe announced that the British Broadcasting Corp. will use Adobe's Project Primetime to deliver live and on-demand video of the Olympic Games to viewers across the U.K. on PCs, tablets, smartphones and devices.

Adobe Systems announced that the British Broadcasting Corporation will use key components of Adobe€™s Project €œPrimetime€ to deliver live video streams and video-on-demand content of the summer Olympic Games in London across the Web and all major device types.

€œPrimetime Simulcast€ will allow the BBC€™s coverage of the Olympics and major sports events to be simultaneously streamed on desktops, smartphones, tablets and Internet-connected TVs to viewers across the United Kingdom. With €œPrimetime Highlights,€ video-on-demand coverage of key sporting moments is quickly created as they happen and immediately published to desktops and connected devices.

Adobe€™s Project Primetime is an integrated video technology platform to deliver seamless viewing experiences for ad-supported TV content across connected devices. Primetime empowers media companies to publish premium videos, insert ads and measure content across desktops, tablets, smartphones and connected TVs. The BBC is Adobe€™s first broadcast partner to use Primetime. Addressing the increasing challenges of device and platform fragmentation, Primetime delivers content more efficiently by offering a single, end-to-end workflow that interconnects Adobe€™s core video publishing, advertising and analytics technologies. Major components of Primetime include Adobe Auditude, the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, Adobe Access, Adobe Media Server, Adobe Pass and Primetime Highlights. Primetime supports all major platforms including Android and iOS.

€œWe are thrilled to see Project Primetime come to life at one of the most important sports events that brings the world together,€ David Wadhwani, senior vice president of the Digital Media Business at Adobe, said in a statement. €œThe BBC continues to push the boundaries when it comes to new technologies. With Primetime€™s ability to reach almost every device, including PCs, laptops, Android and iOS tablets and smartphones as well as connected TVs, Adobe will help bring BBC€™s coverage of the Olympics to the broadest possible audience.€

Primetime Simulcast leverages the latest Adobe Media Server technology to take live broadcast feeds of all sports competitions and simultaneously deliver them across devices via desktop Web browsers, mobile apps and browsers as well as Internet-connected TVs. Viewers will be able to watch the global sports event on tablets, smartphones and Internet-connected TVs for the first time in history, Adobe said.

Primetime Highlights enables the broadcaster to create and deliver video-on-demand coverage of live events in real time using a single workflow that reaches their audience across multiple screens. Video-on-demand coverage can be delivered instantly. Clips are offered across all major platforms, including Android, iOS devices and Internet-connected TVs. Primetime Highlights enables a viewing experience that is smooth and comparable to traditional TV broadcasts, the company said.

Primetime with full integration of all major components will be available in the second half of 2012 with support for Windows, Mac OS, Apple iOS, Google Android, Samsung SmartTVs and other platforms. Components of Primetime are available today as separate, individual products. Primetime is currently in trial with major broadcasters and media companies around the world.