Adobe Summit 2016: Catching the 'Experience Business' Wave

1 - Adobe Summit 2016: Catching the 'Experience Business' Wave
2 - Adobe's Focus
3 - The Clouds
4 - Device Co-op
5 - Adobe Marketing Cloud
6 - The Experience Wave
7 - The Four Rules
8 - Donuts and Tesla
9 - Donny Osmond
10 - Abby Wambach
11 - George Clooney
12 - George Clooney Prankster
13 - Adobe's Retail Both
14 - Thomas Middleditch
15 - Co-opetition
16 - Fun and Analytics
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Adobe Summit 2016: Catching the 'Experience Business' Wave

Adobe execs discussed the "experience business" wave, enhancements to Adobe Marketing Cloud and the new Adobe Marketing Cloud Device Co-op.

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Adobe's Focus

Shantanu Narayen, president and CEO, kicks off Adobe Summit 2016, the company's annual digital marketing conference. He detailed its three areas of focus: digital media, digital documents and digital marketing.

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The Clouds

Narayen explained that Adobe serves its customers via its three cloud units: Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud and Adobe Marketing Cloud.

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Device Co-op

Rencher announced the new Adobe Marketing Cloud Device Co-op, which is expected to link up to 1.2 billion devices.

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Adobe Marketing Cloud

Rencher announced enhancements to Adobe Marketing Cloud, including new features and capabilities.

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The Experience Wave

The software industry is now in the new "experience business wave," in which businesses sell experiences, not just products, Rencher said. "We're no longer in the business of selling products; we're in the business of selling experiences."

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The Four Rules

Rencher said there are four rules organizations must go by in the experience business wave—rules customers expect. "Know me and respect me, speak in one voice, make technology transparent and delight me at every turn."

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Donuts and Tesla

Rencher—along with David Nuescheler, Adobe fellow and vice president of enterprise technology—demonstrate a futuristic way to order donuts from a Tesla's infotainment system.

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Donny Osmond

John Mellor, Adobe vice president of strategy and business development, and Vegas regular Donny Osmond warm up the crowd of 10,000 digital marketers at Adobe Summit 2016.

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Abby Wambach

Abby Wambach, World Champion Soccer Player, discussed the need to positively impact your environment in making a brand at Adobe Summit.

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George Clooney

Actor and director George Clooney joked with Adobe CMO Ann Lewnes about how he would get himself in trouble if he was on Twitter at Adobe Summit.

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George Clooney Prankster

George Clooney shares his favorite prank stories, including major pranks against fellow actor Brad Pitt, onstage at Adobe Summit.

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Adobe's Retail Both

Adobe sells its wares in a retail booth on the Adobe Summit community pavilion floor.

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Thomas Middleditch

Thomas Middleditch (right), an actor on HBO's "Silicon Valley," keeps things lively with host Steve Hammond, Adobe senior director.

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IBM, a key competitor of Adobe in the digital marketing space, hosts a big booth right next to Adobe's on the Adobe Summit show floor. IBM's Interactive Experience (IBM iX) was ranked as the world's largest digital agency by Advertising Age.

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Fun and Analytics

Adobe put up a connected basketball court and soccer pitch to analyze players' shooting and kicking in various game modes.

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