Adobe Updates Primetime With TVSDK 2.0

Adobe Primetime's new TVSDK 2.0 brings a unified architecture that enables faster deployments to new devices.

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Adobe announced it is bringing new technology to Adobe Creative Cloud, including support for UltraHD (UHD), brilliant color technology improvements and new touch workflows.

The company also said Adobe Primetime, one of eight solutions of Adobe Marketing Cloud, has extended its delivery and monetization capabilities for HTML5 video and offers new tools for pay-TV providers that make TV Everywhere authentication easier and more streamlined. Adobe will showcase the deepening connections across its Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud offerings at IBC 2015, the European professional broadcast show, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Sept. 11-15.

At the conference, Adobe also will demonstrate advancements in Primetime, Adobe's multiscreen TV platform. In addition to supporting traditional linear television business models, the platform has evolved with features that support over-the-top (OTT) and direct-to-consumer offerings with audience acquisition, engagement, monetization and measurement capabilities. The new features help media companies reach and interact with an even bigger audience.

With TVSDK 2.0, Adobe Primetime now supports HTML5 content delivery across mobile browsers and additional connected devices, extending its reach and monetization capabilities. Primetime is platform-agnostic, offering support for a broad range of devices for secure, protected playback.

"Our goal with Adobe Primetime TVSDK has always been to help TV providers and media companies build and deliver premium video experiences across IP-connected screens," said Rick Wisher, Adobe's senior product manager for Primetime, in a blog post. "This upgrade continues to serve this goal by helping developers achieve greater performance for their TV experiences, deploy with greater consistency to all the different screens and reach more screens in total."

Adobe Primetime TVSDK 2.0 has a new, unified architecture that makes it easier for TV and video app developers to deploy premium video experiences consistently across devices, Wisher said.

"The architecture includes a C++ core with a thin, platform-specific API surface that talks directly to the core," he said. "That API surface is consistent across devices. The architecture also includes a single JavaScript interface for talking to browsers."

Also, to meet consumer expectations for TV Everywhere apps, Primetime includes new features that dramatically speed up response times. The instant-on capability pre-fetches video content inside an app to start playback in less than a second, speeding the startup time for video-on-demand and live streams by 300 and 500 percent, respectively. Primetime now also supports Dolby AC-3 to bring high-impact cinema quality sound to virtually all desktops and connected devices.

Primetime's support for the OAUTH 2.0 protocol makes it easy for consumers to access their favorite pay-TV content. Pay-TV providers can enable frictionless TV Everywhere with home-based authentication, and offer longer authentication sessions that require users to log in only once per device.

In addition, Adobe Analytics, which is preintegrated with the Primetime TVSDK, introduces new support for OTT and TV Everywhere measurement, including a broad variety of user engagement metrics. Adobe Analytics "streams" for video will support measurement across desktops, Amazon devices, Android, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, Roku, Xbox One and PlayStation.