Aladdin Targets Publishers with Software Rights Management Platform

Aladdin has launched its software rights management platform, which provides software publishers with anti-piracy, property protection and other security features.

Aladdin Knowledge Systems announced March 19 that it has officially released its latest software rights management platform, HASP (hardware against software piracy) SRM, which combines hardware and software to provide businesses with anti-piracy, property protection and licensing capabilities.

Aladdins latest SRM offering features its Cross-Locking technology that allows software publishers to choose a security key, a hardware key—HL, or a software (electronic) key—SL, once a protection method has been applied.

With cross-locking technology, businesses can implement licensing models and select the security protection key at any time during the life cycle of a product.

"Aladdins HASP SRM solution enables publishers to sell and distribute software, as, when and where they need, without having to maintain multiple DRM [digital rights management] systems and without compromising their products security," said Avi Barir, vice president of Software DRM at Arlington Heights, Ill.-based Aladdin Knowledge Systems.

The new software rights management platform from Aladdin features an Envelope tool that supports both HL and SL security keys, allowing software publishers to protect their software.

This SRM platform also provides users with a secure communication channel between the HL key and the application, which helps to thwart middle layer attacks.

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The newest offering from Aladdin has also increased the amount of memory in its HL keys, which allows users to protect twice as many applications and features while also providing its SL key with AES (advanced encryption standard) 128-bit encryption keys, which offers users security features for protected applications and modules.

This SRM platform also includes SRM Business Studio, which allows users to define software packages, apply license models and security protection keys as well as being able to track customer orders, license terms and extensions.

"HASP SRM empowers software publishers with the ability to mix and match a variety of protection, licensing and distribution capabilities for the creation of tailored, customized product offerings," Barir said.

Aladdins HASP SRM is available immediately, and pricing will depend on which protection key the user selects.

If the user chooses the hardware-based HL key, the entry point starts at a couple dozen dollars, with software, service and maintenance free of charge.

If the user chooses to protect with a software-based protection key, the user must purchase an activation server, whose price point can start as low as a few thousand dollars.

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