Will Challenge Google: 10 Possible Ways is getting ready to offer a video streaming service and when it does a major market battle may develop between it and Google. is making plans to add a subscription-based video streaming service to its list of offerings and is trying to drum up support for it among media companies, the Wall Street Journal is reporting. The publication said that the service would compete quite well with Netflix's Instant Streaming option, as well as Google's recently announced Google TV offering.

But it's Google that might have the most to be concerned about with Amazon's new service. The e-retailer's streaming option could become a direct competitor to Google TV. Even more significantly, it will join a growing number of markets in which the two Web giants compete, potentially causing even more trouble for Google.

Here is why Amazon should worry Google:

1. Amazon streaming

As mentioned, Amazon plans to deliver streaming content. Exactly what the company has planned for that offering is unknown. But Amazon is a well-known entertainment provider, thanks to its video-on-demand service and MP3 store. In other words, it has customers. And so far, Google doesn't. Having to overcome Amazon's head start in the streaming business could be a tall order for Google.

2. Cloud integration

Amazon has done a fine job delivering cloud services to the corporate world. But now, its offerings, including EC2, compete with Google's own slate of cloud services. So far, Amazon's business hasn't been hurt all that badly. And it's highly unlikely that Google will be able to steal much market share from Amazon anytime soon. But the battle is only starting. And both companies will likely dole out boatloads of cash to win out.

3. The e-reader debate

Amazon's Kindle is a major player in the e-reader market. But Google delivers electronic books of its own online. The company announced earlier this year that it would integrate its Google Books library of titles (and others) into Android OS. Exactly how the e-books space will turn out due to that decision is anyone's guess. But one thing is certain: Google will have some work to do to catch up to the Kindle.

4. E-Commerce search plays a role

Amazon is becoming a significant player in the search market. The company's A9 services allow users to perform a product search, similar to Google's Product Search. And its advancements in search are making the company a bigger player in that space. For now, Google has nothing to worry about. But if Amazon sees growth in its search services, it's possible that it will spend more of its time in that market.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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