AOL Adds More Features with AIM 6.0

AOL releases AIM 6.0 with new logging, mobile alert, video and digital imaging features.

America Online announced Nov. 15 the launching of the new AIM 6.0 service, the updated instant messaging service of AOL, which now features offline messaging, conversation logging and AIM Pages, which will give users the ability to create, maintain and view others as well as their own home page.

AIM 6.0, mainly designed for young consumers, has a variety of new features that will help users to communicate with their friends, family and other members of the AIM community.

Erin Gifford, an AOL representative, told eWEEK that AIM 6.0 "offers users a clean, easy to use interface on the same trusted product that they have been using for years, as it now offers users a lot more tools for self-expression, sharing and communication."

Ann Santorios, director of product management for AIM, told eWEEK that AIM 6.0 could also be beneficial to business users.

"AIM 6.0 adds to the business user experience with several new features," said Santorios.

"Conversation logging enables users to save IM interactions with co-workers, much as they do with e-mail, while our new offline messaging feature allows business users to IM co-workers whove signed off for the day so they can receive them the moment they log back on in the morning."

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AOLs updated instant messaging service will include the following features:

  • Offline Messaging: This feature gives users the ability to send instant messages to users on their Buddy List who are offline so that when the user signs on, they will have an instant message waiting for them.
  • Conversation Logging: This feature allows AIM users to log and save text-based IM conversations.
  • Mobile Dashboard: Offers AIM users access to their mobile dashboard from their Buddy List, giving users the ability to manage mobile alerts, reminders and IM forwarding, which will let users have IMs sent to their cell phone once they log off the desktop AIM service.
  • Expanded Buddy List: AIM users will be able to have up to 1,000 friends, family members or business contacts on their Buddy List.
  • Enhanced IM Window: Allows users to access video instant messaging, audio chat and picture sharing features by clicking on an option featured in the IM window.

AIM 6.0 also features integration with AIM Pages, which allows users to create a customized page that features how much time they have spent on AIM, how long they have been an AIM user or AOL member, their Buddy Info, their away message, all of which can be seen by other AIM users by right-clicking in the screen name to view that friends Buddy Info page and AIM page.

The new AIM 6.0 is now available for download at no charge.

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