Apple Must Launch the Real iPhone 5

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Apple Must Launch the Real iPhone 5

In 2011, all the talk surrounding Apples iPhone was what kind of features would be available in the iPhone 5. However, Apple responded to those rumors by unloading the iPhone 4S, a nominal upgrade over its predecessor. In 2012, Apple must launch the iPhone 5.

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Google Needs to Push Android to the Enterprise

Androids Achilles heel right now is the enterprise. The platform simply doesnt have what it takes—due mainly to its security woes—to appeal to corporate users. In 2012, Google must make Android more secure and more enterprise-friendly. If it can do so, it might just be able to secure Androids spot as the most dominant operating system in the mobile space.

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RIM Should Fire Its Co-CEOs

Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie have worked together to systematically take down RIM. Their poor decisions, unwillingness to sell the company and obstinacy in the face of long odds make them a liability for the BlackBerry maker. Its time the board shows them the door.

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RIM Should Sell Its Handset Business

Following the removal of its two CEOs, RIM should also sell off its handset business in 2012. Like it or not, RIM must accept that its now a services business first, and everything else second. And there are many companies that would gladly buy its hardware-production operation. It might not get the same premium it would have last year, but its best now to cut its losses and move on.

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Microsoft Must Make the Windows 8 Case

At the Consumer Electronics Show in January, Microsoft has no choice but to make its case for Windows 8. The operating system looks like an appealing option for tablet buyers, but enterprise users and even some consumers arent so sure they want it. Microsoft must prove that its an operating system they need—or else.

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Microsoft Must Get Tablets to Store Shelves

Microsoft has no choice but to get tablets on store shelves this year. The software giant has been saying for months now that it can deliver high-quality tablets, and yet, none of its hardware partners have done so. If it doesnt start backing up its lofty claims, it might be totally left out of the tablet craze.

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Tim Cook Needs to Prove He Can Be the Next Steve Jobs

Apple CEO Tim Cook must have a big 2012. After he took over from Steve Jobs in 2011, Apple largely ran itself, thanks to the strong consumer demand for iPhones and iPads. Now, Cook needs to keep that going. Even more important, he has to prove that he can be the next Steve Jobs. It wont be easy. But in 2012, he must try.

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HP Must Address Its Many Woes

Its hard to pick a single thing that HP should do in 2012. The company has been enduring an incredible amount of adversity through both management changes and product concerns. In 2012, CEO Meg Whitman needs to clearly examine what makes HP special—PCs and enterprise services—and cut all the fat around that. To not do so would lead HP to even more trouble.

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Dell Needs to Learn the Mobile Space

Taking a look back at Dells track record in the mobile space, observers will find a company that doesnt appear to know what its doing. Whether its the companys decision to offer obsolete smartphones at launch or its laughable Streak tablets that have been discontinued just months after launch, its easy to find areas where Dells mobile focus should improve. Hopefully it can do that in 2012.

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Facebook Must Go Public

During the last several years, Facebook has been expected to go public. But each year, the company doesnt. In 2012, Facebook must go public and finally cash in on all its success. The move will not only benefit employees and shareholders, but it could also have a profound impact on the Web. Will Facebook be the next Google? In 2012, well find out.

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