Are Enterprise Apps on the Way Out?

IT execs say most business functions can benefit from automation, but data integration problems must first be solved. That means stepping toward SOA and Web services-and away from suites like CRM and ERP.

Business processes have plenty of room for improvement: IT executives say IT and finance, the most computerized of business functions, can be far more automated than they are now. And ITs potential for improving customer service is massive. But data integration is thwarting ITs ability to improve productivity, reduce costs and increase revenues. So, companies are not just adopting new technologies like SOA and Web services—theyre beginning to move away from 1990s-era enterprise applications. We are on the verge of a sea change in application integration.

Technology isnt the only fly in the BPI ointment: Watch for the final finding from the survey on Wednesday, October 25, where we will explore the human factors—in particular, the problem of cross-functional cooperation—that hold back business process improvement.

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