Automated Workflows Simplify Complex Processes

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Automated Workflows Simplify Complex Processes

The workflows built into Autodesks Factory Design Utility automate common tasks such as rendering, asset creation and material flow analysis.

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Create More Accurate Point Clouds

AutoCAD 2012 now supports point clouds of up to 2 billion points, enabling users to more easily create 3D models of existing buildings using laser scanners to capture existing conditions.

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New Smart Textures

3ds Max 2012 includes a new library of 80 Substance smart textures and filters; substances are tiny in size, multi-output, customizable and resolution-independent textures that can be rapidly converted into high-quality bitmaps for rendering or baking purpose.

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Identify Physical Conflicts Faster

The improved support for clash detection and resolution in Navisworks 2012 ensures minimal errors during the actual construction phase.

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Walk Through Facilities Before They're Built

Showcase 2012s SteeringWheel allows users to explore a design, navigating up or down stairs and avoiding walls or other obstacles. Showcase 2012 adds support for 3Dconnexion input devices, allowing better motion control.

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Store Project Data Sanely

The comprehensive file management tools of Vault allows better control of project data, by providing a single repository thats supported by all Autodesk tools.

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