B2B Apps Further Integration

Quovadx, iWay Software release solutions compatible with others, provide real-time integration.

Quovadx Inc. and iWay Software have introduced software to enable companies to integrate their business processes with those of business-to-business trading partners.

Quovadx, an integration software company that focuses primarily on the health care and entertainment fields, last week announced two products to further B2B integration.

The QDX BPMS (Business Process Management System) is a Java 2 Enterprise Edition-compliant, XML-based platform for rapid deployment of Web services and is the core component for the Englewood, Colo., companys Enterprise Platform.

BPMS synchronizes business processes between people and systems such as payers, providers and members in a health care supply chain. BPMS sits on top of Quovadxs second new piece of software, QDX Integrator, which is the tool layer for Quovadxs Enterprise Platform.

QDX Integrator provides real-time and batch integration services, including transaction switch technology, to legacy applications, Internet-based EDI (electronic data interchange), and application-to-application and data integration.

BPMS enables companies to build integration solutions that separate business logic from business data, meaning that IT managers can develop processes that span internal and external applications and business partners.

The BPMS software incorporates Quovadx XML Server Page technology for building Web applications based on dynamic XML content. Quovadxs integrated development environment comes with XML data modeling, automatically generated Extensible Style Language Transformation, an interactive debugger, user interface templates and a Visual Process Author.

John Lopez is using BPMS to develop Web screens that have associated business rules and workflow. Lopez, director of business transformation innovation services at Health Net Federal Services, a division of Health Net Inc., said he likes the quick prototyping and flexibility that BPMS offers.

"By defining the screens that you want and the workflow and actions you want, based on the business rules—meaning routing—you can do all these things, and it will generate the underlying XML data structures," said Lopez, in Rancho Cordova, Calif.

Separately, New York-based iWay, a unit of Information Builders Inc., late last month announced that its iWay Intelligent Adapter applications were now compatible with IBMs WebSphere MQ Integrator. This will enable users of the IBM software to connect business processes among various B2B partners using drag-and-drop programming.

Furthermore, iWay and IBI said they were expanding their partnership with Commercial Information Solutions, or CIS, to create more integration adapters.