Big Data Processor Alluxio Unveils New Platform Editions

Alluxio currently runs round-the-clock workloads in Global 2000 companies that include Alibaba, Baidu, Barclay’s Bank, CERN and others.


Big data processing software maker Alluxio, which claims to have developed the first system that is able to unify various data types at the speed of memory, on Oct. 26 released a new product portfolio consisting of Alluxio Enterprise Edition and a free-of-charge Alluxio Community Edition.

Alluxio, based in San Mateo, Calif., and previously called Tachyon, provides a unified view of enterprise data that spans dissimilar storage systems, locations and clouds, allowing any big data compute framework to access data in any storage system at memory speed.

It currently runs critical workloads in Global 2000 companies that include Alibaba, Baidu, Barclay's Bank, CERN, ESRI, Huawei, Intel and Juniper, among others.

The proliferation of big data compute frameworks has created a major challenge for enterprises seeking to extract value from data stored in disparate storage silos that span devices, locations and even across public/private clouds. New high-performance applications demand real-time responses, driving a massive industry shift to in-memory file systems. Without correctly prepared data, they are pretty much worthless.

Alluxio is a backstop of sorts for all kinds of data. It connects any type of computing framework to disparate storage systems via a unified global namespace, enabling any application to access data stored on-premise and in the cloud at memory speed.

Alluxio Community Edition and Alluxio Enterprise Edition are tested and certified versions of the open-source software originally developed at UC Berkeley's AMPLab. The software supercharges data storage and gives customers an easy-to-install integrated package. Also included is an administrative interface called the Alluxio Manager that makes it simple to deploy, manage and monitor Alluxio clusters at any scale, the company said.

Alluxio Enterprise Edition adds mission-critical features, such as enterprise security, data replication, enterprise-grade support and professional services.

Alluxio Community Edition

The open-source Alluxio Community Edition is a good entryway for new users to try Alluxio. It is available free of charge and is designed to accelerate the adoption of the core technology. ACE users can quickly obtain many of the same benefits of Alluxio as those used by some of the world's largest companies. These companies use Alluxio to run big data applications across disparate storage systems at terabyte and petabyte scales and at memory speed.

Alluxio Community Edition, which is available for free download, includes:

--Alluxio open-source software, packaged and certified by Alluxio. Drivers for a continually expanding range of storage systems that today includes Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Red Hat GlusterFS, Red Hat Ceph, Apache HDFS, Huawei FusionStorage and OpenStack Swift;

--Support for a continually expanding range of big data computation frameworks that today includes Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Apache Storm, Apache Hadoop, Apache MapReduce, Apache Samza and Flink; and

--Alluxio Manager, a graphical administrative interface that simplifies installing, managing and monitoring Alluxio clusters. It delivers a convenient, intuitive and user-friendly way to deploy Alluxio across specified cluster nodes without having to install software manually, update automation scripts or rely on third-party tools.

Alluxio Enterprise Edition

Alluxio Enterprise Edition is available at tiered pricing levels, depending on enterprise customer requirements for features, service and support. It is designed for customers who want to run Alluxio in production environments with critical enterprise features, such as advanced high availability, replication and security—all backed by enterprise-class support and professional services.

Alluxio Enterprise Edition includes all the components of Alluxio Community Edition plus Kerberos-based, end-to-end security that integrates with leading enterprise authentication solutions; replication of data on load/read for dramatic performance gains; advanced high availability via replication of data on write; enterprise-class support and professional services with choices of 8/5 or round-the-clock 24/7 support.

Alluxio has enabled free trials here.

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