Billions of Points

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Billions of Points

AutoCAD 2012 allows users to more easily create 3D models of existing buildings and objects with laser scanners, by supporting up to 2 billion scan points in a drawing.

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Materials Browsing Made Easier

Updated materials swatches and better organization of the library make it easier for users to work with materials and textures.

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Create Standard Deployment

The deployment tools for AutoCAD 2012 allow administrators to specify target platforms and logging features.

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UCS Manipulation

The UCS icon of AutoCAD 2012 (at front wheel) can be directly manipulated, its menu can be customized and its behavior modified.

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Array by Path

AutoCAD 2012 allows users to array objects along a specified path, such as the one shown here.

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One-Stop Installation

The AutoCAD 2012 package includes Autodesk Inventor Fusion; installation will search for available service packs and apply them during the installation.

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