BlazeMeter Adds New Test Automation for DevOps Features

BlazeMeter adds new testing features for DevOps, including KPI Trends, Organizations and Projects, on-premise load generator and single sign-on.

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BlazeMeter, which provides a continuous testing-as-a-service platform for mobile and Web apps and APIs, unveiled its Test Automation Platform for DevOps.

BlazeMeter's Test Automation for DevOps solution delivers several key features, including Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) Trends. KPI Trends automatically provide reports that graphically display KPIs, enabling users to identify trends over time across all of a test's results. KPI metrics include average response time from all recent reports and many more KPIs, such as errors, average hits, average latency and test duration.

The solution has an Organizations and Projects feature that enables companies to arrange their testing efforts to be in-line with their existing internal departmental and project structures and to adhere to their corporate governance. This fosters improved collaboration and sharing within project teams and organizations.

Users can put their tests into Project folders and collaborate with colleagues within designated Organizations. Members of a specific Organization will be able to view, edit and execute all tests and reports created within it. Another key benefit is that users no longer need to share passwords. The new product also includes an On-Premise Load Generator and single sign-on capabilities.

The improved On-Premise Load Generator with newer Docker-based technology provides increased reliability and an easier installation process. In addition, users can now install multiple load generators on a single server, which helps reduce on-premise server costs. The new single sign-on feature provides access and authentication control that companies need for third-party services, as well as enabling new users within the organization to start using the service immediately.

"Our new Test Automation for DevOps features provide our customers easy-to-use and powerful tools for modern companies that are closely assimilated with the DevOps movement," Alon Girmonsky, CEO and founder of BlazeMeter, said in a statement. "As companies iterate faster every day, they need continuous performance-testing solutions that sit across the whole development lifecycle and seamlessly integrate into a company's continuous integration and continuous deployment process and workflows."

In a recent Rackspace survey on DevOps, respondents said they are producing an average of 18 new applications and 50 upgrades or new features every year. To facilitate this continuous delivery, reliable test automation across the entire development lifecycle is becoming a fundamental requirement. Testing can no longer be siloed or relegated to the end of a project with Q&A. DevOps teams need to be able to test as they iterate and develop, continuously, to identify and fix any issues as they occur.

Atlassian, a new BlazeMeter customer, recognized the benefits of continuous test automation across the development lifecycle.

"As an Agile development team, we need to make sure we catch application performance regressions as quickly as possible," said Moosa Choudhry, a manager of engineering at Atlassian. "After reviewing several performance-testing vendors, BlazeMeter was the solution we selected to integrate into our Continuous Integration (CI) workflow. It provides us with the ability to test both of our products—HipChat Server (on-premise) and our cloud-based HipChat service."

BlazeMeter will demostrate its solutions at the O'Reilly Velocity 2015 conference from May 27 to May 29 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.