Bluestream Upgrades XML Database

Upgrade features smoother handling of collaborative content management with XML and binary data.

Bluestream Database Software Corp. has released an upgrade to its native XML database that features smoother handling of collaborative content management with XML and binary data.

XStreamDB 3.0 has a new resource manager that enables content management via integration with Web or print authoring and publishing software. It now supports Corel XMetaL for XML content authoring using that softwares word processor-like view of content. The new version also improves support for Altova XMLSpy for editing data-centric XML documents.

Other new features include faster full-text search and indexing, built-in WebDAV server, event triggers, automated backup and the new XStreamDB 3.0 Server Console application for easier server administration.

XStreamDB 3.0 also now supports binary document types with MIME-type attributes in addition to native XML document support. It has also acquired derivation by extension and attribute groups, adding to its existing W3C schemas support. The database now has full-text search that features LIKE wildcard matching, found word marking, phrase search and proximity search.

XStream 3.0 is a cross-platform database server that runs on Windows NT/2000/XP, Solaris, Mac OS X or Linux. It features a choice of Java API, WebDAV or the XStreamDB 3.0 Explorer application for access to documents and data. The database also supports XQuery with update extensions, full text search, shared resource management and XML schemas with automatic validation.

XStreamDB is compliant with the ACID (Atomicity Consistency Isolation Durability) standard for open-source database systems. That standard indicates that the database supports "all or nothing" transactions—those that either work to their conclusion or refrain from changing data. XStreamDB is a pure Java technology-based server and requires Java 1.3 or 1.4 Runtime Environment.

Bluestream, of Vancouver, is shipping XStreamDB 3.0 now. A free 30-day evaluation copy can be downloaded here.

Pricing is $500 per seat for development purposes only; $1,300 per CPU for up to 50MB of storage; and $3,000 per CPU for unlimited storage. Technical support is available as an annual support agreement for $1,200 or $100 per incident.

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