Borland Boosts Web Services Support

Borland is is one of several development tools makers rolling out new products this week designed to make it easier for users to create and deploy Web services.

Borland Software Corp. is one of several development tools makers rolling out new products this week designed to make it easier for users to create and deploy Web services.

Bowstreet Inc., LogicLibrary Inc. and Systinet Corp. also are unveiling new offerings.

At the TechXNY show in New York, Borland of Scotts Valley, Calif., is unveiling Borland Enterprise Server 5.1, a J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) 1.3 compliant application server with enhanced support for deploying existing applications as Web services, said Frank Slootman, Borlands senior vice president of software solutions.

Borland also will announce JDataStore 6, its new Java database for embedded, Web and mobile applications.

Borlands Enterprise Server bridges the worlds of Borlands CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) technology with Java Web services technologies. Borland Enterprise Server 5.1 features enhanced support for Web services, proactive application management and improved performance, Slootman said.

The new version will be available this summer.

To further support Web services, BES 5.1 features new Web services "providers" that automatically convert SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) requests and direct them to the appropriate Java, CORBA, message-driven beans or Enterprise Java Beans component. In addition, BES 5.1 enables users to expose existing applications as Web services without rewriting them. The product also enables users to integrate Web services with other applications both within and outside their firewalls.

In addition, the product features tighter integration with Borland JBuilder 7. Also, a development license for Borland Enterprise Server, AppServer Edition ships with both the Enterprise version of JBuilder 7 and Borland Enterprise Studio 4 for Java.

Slootman said the product also features a new management hub that restores applications without human intervention and optimization wizards for performance tuning and clustering support.

The product will come in Web, VisiBroker and AppServer editions, and will run on Windows, Solaris and Red Hat Linux.

Meanwhile, JDatastore 6 is a Java-based database product now available for the first time as a standalone product, said Jon Arthur, general manager and director of database solutions for Borland. JDataStore has been bundled with JBuilder and the Borland Enterprise Server, and by extension, the Borland Enterprise Studio for Java.

The product is targeted at embedded, Web and mobile applications, Arthur said, and its tight integration with Borlands JBuilder and BES make it a strong platform for Java developers looking to build applications for small-footprint environments, Arthur said.

New in the standalone version of the product include support for SQL92, the Java Development Kit 1.4 and Java Database Connectivity 3 (JDBC3) API. In addition, Arthur said JDataStore 6 has successfully completed the JDBC compatibility test suite.

Savvion Inc. chose the Borland Enterprise Server in part because of its tight integration with JBuilder, according to M.A. Ketabchi, president and CEO of the Santa Clara, Calif., software company.

"Based on our own internal evaluation, no other products came close to (the server) in terms of performance, scalability and other core assets an application server should offer," Ketabchi said.

Meanwhile, Bowstreet Inc., of Portsmouth, N.H., is announcing Bowstreet Factory 5.1, a new version of its Web services framework that combines the companys Portal Automator to enable developers to build adaptive portals that leverage Web services, officials said. The framework produces reusable components, automates the creation and modification of business processes, and integrates back-end ERP and CRM systems with front-end infrastructures such as application servers and portal servers.

Systinet Corp., of Cambridge, Mass., will release its Web Applications and Services Platform (WASP) 4.0, a suite of technology for building, deploying, managing and securing Web services, said Zdenek Svoboda, director of product development at Systinet. Systinet also will unveil a new pricing structure that includes a free licensing option of its Web services deployment platform.

WASP supports Borland JBuilder, Sun ONE Studio, Eclipse and IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer. It also features a security framework with data encryption, authentication and authorization.

LogicLibrary Inc., a Pittsburgh-based software asset management company, will announce the integration of its LogicLibrary Logidex with Microsoft Corp.s Visual Studio .Net to help developers better develop Web services from new and existing code, said Greg Sherman LogicLibrarys vice president of business strategy.

Developers will be able to access software assets—from Web services and .Net components to XML schema and legacy applications—through the Logidex Asset Library .