BPM Software Targets Dynamic Processes

New tools from BPM software developers Metastorm and Pegasystems are enabling users to analyze processes and quickly implement changes.

New tools from BPM software developers are enabling users to analyze processes and quickly implement changes.

Metastorm Inc. announced last week a new module in its e-Work suite of business process management products that lets companies take a much closer look at the world of process simulation and analysis.

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Also last week, Pegasystems Inc. announced the release of its Retail Banking Industry Framework, which provides process templates that enable both a quick initial implementation and the ability to respond to opportunities.

Metastorms new namesake e-Work Envision module, part of Version 6.6 of e-Work BPM, is designed to handle complex modeling and simulation of processes through statistical analysis algorithms that have been built into the module.

The e-Work suite itself provides functionality for modeling, automating and monitoring processes.

The Envision module draws data from Metastorms e-Work database for simulating process scenarios and works off both historical and real-time data. By drawing from the e-Work repository, users have the ability to simulate the impact on processes based on actual process data, versus a made-up "what-if" scenario, said company officials in Columbia, Md.

At the same time, Envision builds on the Metastorm softwares existing simulation capabilities by enabling forecasting and predictive analysis capabilities that users can use to model new processes. The Envision module also opens up the horizon for which aspects of a process can be simulated, from process flows, roles and business rules to services and integration points.

This latest module—part of the 6.6 e-Work upgrade that includes performance enhancements for better response times—is the last piece of technology Metastorm plans to develop in its quest to offer a full "round trip" of BPM capabilities. A round trip in BPM parlance means users are able to model, automate, analyze and improve on a process within a single environment, company officials said.

Pegasystems, based in Cambridge, Mass., has developed a framework that includes solution design models for organizational units, work parties, user portals, and screen and integration points, as well as best-practices flows and preconfigured data structures.

The framework, when used with Pegasystems SmartBPM Suite, lets users build and implement scenarios for event-based marketing, compliance management, fraud management and customer case management.

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