Brainshark Sinks Its Teeth into Business Communication

Brainshark unveils its newest release of the Brainshark Communications Platform with a focus on delivering presentations across many audiences on demand and over the Internet.

Brainshark, which specializes in the delivery of online presentation software, announced on Nov. 15 that they have a new release of their Brainshark Communications platform, which lets businesses design presentations and then send them via e-mail or mobile devices.

Joe Gustafson, CEO of Brainshark, based in Waltham, Mass., told eWEEK that the new release of the Brainshark Communications Platform will "be used to communicate important information to a companys employees, prospects, customers and channels, as different companies are using our solutions to generate qualified leads and to provide sales representatives with the tools that will help them deliver consistent, high-impact communications."

Gustafson also said that the features of the new release of the Brainshark Communications Platform "enables business users to very quickly create rich business content that they can deliver both internally and externally while also helping other aspects of a companys business such as marketing and sales."

Greg Flynn, vice president of product management for Brainshark, told eWEEK that the product "is simple, but has an abundance of functionality as it allows users to communicate rich business content to a different number of audiences through different mediums such as audio, text or voice options."

This new release will give users the ability to gather feedback from audiences with new question, survey and poll options, and can be used with any mobile device that can support Flash.

Other features include a content approval option, and a text-to-speech option, which allows users to generate voice audio from Microsoft PowerPoint notes, giving the user the ability to test voice-enriched drafts of presentation scripts or send internal messages with voice for approval.

Gustafson also said that with the new release of the Brainshark Communications Platform "business people can easily deliver a message in a way that is effective for knowledge retention using voice and visuals and that message is more likely to be heard by your desired audience because it is convenient for them as they can hear the information directly from presenting experts at their own schedule."

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The new release of the Communications Platform also comes with Salesforce.coms Integration 2.0. Salesforce has been a certified exchange partner of Brainsharks since 2005.

Integration 2.0 enables users to send trackable, consistent communication to customers and gain insight into how the information is being received.

Integration 2.0 also includes: single sign-on authentication; new dashboards for sales and marketing KPIs; and the ability to associate viewing activity back to opportunities, cases and products.

Though the new release of this platform is mainly created for enterprises, Gustafson told eWEEK that the new release "covers the whole waterfront of the business world from large enterprises to small businesses."

The new release of the Brainshark Communications Platform is available now through annual subscriptions. The pricing of the platform depends on how much content the user wants to buy and how many applications the user needs.

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