C3 IoT Adds New Tools, Collaboration in Platform Upgrade

Company claims the additional new enhancements will significantly increase the productivity of application developers, data scientists and business analysts.

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Internet of things platform-as-a-service specialist C3 IoT on Feb. 28 launched a new version of its enterprise software platform for big data, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications that includes collaboration tools it didn't previously offer.

The Redwood City, Calf.-based company claims the additional new enhancements will significantly increase the productivity of application developers, data scientists and business analysts by enabling them to all work on the same framework.

Founded by Silicon Valley icon Tom Siebel, C3 IoT uses big data, advanced analytics and machine learning to enable smart business processes and predictive analytic applications that help businesses to boost their competitive advantage.

This productivity improvement is aimed at reducing enterprise IT expenditures and speeds time to market of predictive analytics software applications that perform AI and machine learning at scale to recommend actionable business insights and facilitate digital transformation, the company said.

New Version Being Distributed in Q1

The new version is rolling out to enterprise customers worldwide this quarter, with advanced capabilities spanning five elements of the C3 IoT Platform: data science tools, artificial intelligence algorithms, application development tools, edge analytics and platform administration.

Key new features include:

  • C3 Ex Machina, a visual analytics and machine learning development tool that simplifies and speeds big data exploration and predictive analytics modeling. C3 Ex Machina empowers data scientists and business analysts to extract actionable business insights quickly--without writing any code. It also offers native support for Python and R, allowing data scientists to leverage the programming language of their choice and push their code back to production in the C3 IoT Platform without rewriting any code.
  • C3 IoT is expanding on the AI and machine learning capabilities currently integrated in its platform with additional deep learning technologies and more advanced analyses that increase the precision and accuracy of predictions. C3 IoT also added image processing for object and facial recognition at the edge; natural language processing (NLP) for analyzing text-based data such as handwritten notes and work logs; expanded support for libraries of machine learning algorithms; and a machine-learning pipeline that makes it faster and easier to develop and deploy machine learning models and publish them back to the platform.
  • The C3 Type System, a high-level abstraction layer that enables disparate users to interact with the same metadata-driven architecture for defining and developing applications, now offers native Hadoop integration to connect to customers' data lakes as well as several enhancements that improve performance and optimize storage.
  • A new version of C3 IoT's metadata-driven, web-based development toolset, C3 Tools, which improves the user's ability to define integration processes, to create and extend data models and analytics, to build machine-learning classifiers, and to develop user interfaces.
  • A new Eclipse plug-in gives developers additional tools to develop, deploy, and debug applications on the  platform.
  • Tighter integration with AWS IoT and Lambda enables connected devices to easily and securely interact with the C3 IoT Platform. New support for the C3 Type System at the edge enables customers to process and execute analytics on edge devices.
  • A more streamlined and improved platform administration tools, including the ability to manage environment configurations, manage auto-scaling configurations and enable self-healing of common issues.

C3 IoT already has more than 30 production clients, including ENGIE, one of the largest industrial power distributors in the world.

C3 IoT also provides a line of turnkey SaaS IoT applications, including predictive maintenance, fraud detection, sensor network health, supply chain optimization, investment planning and customer engagement.

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