Canto Updates Cumulus Digital Asset Management Suite

The new release includes branded portals, a new iOS app and an improved API for more efficient integration with third-party platforms and enterprise apps.

Digital asset management specialist Canto has updated its frontline enterprise business productivity product, Cumulus, by adding several new features.

The additions include branded portals, a new iOS app and an improved application programming interface (API) for more efficient integration with third-party platforms and enterprise apps, the company said.

The new release, Cumulus X, became available July 21 and is more than just a digital asset filing cabinet, Canto said. The suite includes a list of image-editing tools, preview and editing options, a built-in search engine optimization (SEO) assistant, HTML5 video player tag support, and an assortment of deployment options for on-premises, cloud or hybrid deployments.

An iOS application for iPad and iPhone is included as a package deal with Cumulus X. With it, users can review, upload, download and collaborate over content from anywhere, using any Apple device.

Cumulus Portals enable enterprises to create multiple read-only access points to branded content for easier use, the company said. The Web-based portals can be accessed on any smartphone, tablet or desktop PC, and they feature secure file access and distribution, multifile visual preview for each file, and a way to store assets in "collections" that group related items together.

Canto's updated RESTful API solves the problem many users face of how to integrate a DAM system with other enterprise tools, such as Salesforce, ERP, e-commerce, content management and publishing systems. It also includes customizable plug-ins for the Web client for additional fine-tuning, the company said.

More than 1 million users from several market segments have used Canto since the company's founding in 1990. Carmax, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Hilton Grand Vacations and the Green Bay Packers are a few examples of the diverse blend of customers Canto has attracted.

The company, which currently has more than 2,500 customers globally, has offices in Berlin and Linden, Germany, and in San Francisco.

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