Capturing XML Data Streams

Ipedo, Ixiasoft ready tools to ease data management.

Native XML database developers Ipedo Inc. and Ixiasoft Inc. are readying products that enhance management of XML data.

Ipedo next month will make available a data hub that processes XML and non-XML data streamed from Web services, file systems, content management systems, or XML or relational databases. The software, code-named Colorado, is built on the Redwood City, Calif., companys Dynamic Information Suite, whose centerpiece is Ipedo XML Server.

Colorado will include a rules-based XML processing engine, virtual XML documents and streaming XML pipelines, officials said. These will allow users to transform data coming into the system, figure out what application it goes to and use business intelligence rules to do such things as assign a priority to transactions.

Ipedo is filling a need, said Bruce McClelland, a research scientist and analyst at Battelle Memorial Institute, in Charlottesville, Va. Battelle is looking to hook an Ixiasoft TextML Server XML database with CambridgeDocs Inc.s XML-based content integration technology.

This would let Battelle scientists working in various locations access centrally stored information and pull it up, for example, as XML segments to include in reports.

"Its an attractive capability," said McClelland. "The goal is to support research. We want to facilitate, if not data exchange, then commonality of access, so people working in different places can get access to information weve already collected or looked at."

Similarly, Ixiasoft, of Montreal, this week will ship an integration kit that enables developers using Microsoft Corp.s Content Management Server 2002 to deploy sites that take advantage of the XML search and management capabilities in its own native XML database server, TextML Server.

The kit consists of .Net controls that can be dragged and dropped from the Microsoft Visual Studio .Net toolbox into a Content Management Server 2002 site being developed. Those controls enable developers to provide search and sort capabilities on XML placeholders.

The integration kit will be available at no cost, but users must purchase TextML Server 2.3 and Microsoft Content Server 2002.