CatalystOffice Offers Web Collaboration for the Mac

CatalystOffice, now available for the Mac and Firefox, could displace Microsoft or Google for some users' online collaboration software needs.  

Catalyst Web Services, a startup that provides software-as-a-service productivity and collaboration tools for small and midsize businesses, has tailored a version of its CatalystOffice suite to work with Apple's MacBook through Mozilla's Firefox Web browser.

Catalyst, which launched the Windows-based version of CatalystOffice at Demo in January, is targeting the lower end of the market with its alternative to the traditional Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus packages, and even the not-so-traditional Google Apps.

CatalystOffice includes most of the products knowledge workers have come to expect in a collaboration and productivity suite, including e-mail, instant messaging, document management, shared work spaces and calendaring applications. It also has a synchronization tool to let companies move and synchronize current data with Microsoft Outlook.

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