Catchpoint: Product Overview and Insight

eWEEK PRODUCT OVERVIEW & INSIGHT: The "UX" (user experience) becomes more and more valuable as time rolls on, and Catchpoint is an expert in making good experiences into great ones for enterprises.


Today: Catchpoint (digital experience management)

Company Description: Catchpoint is a leading digital performance intelligence software company that provides unparalleled insight into your customer-critical services to help you consistently deliver amazing digital experiences. Catchpoint is the only performance-monitoring platform that provides integrated synthetic and real user monitoring, comprehensive test types, real-time analytics, and a diverse node network to help you continuously preempt performance issues and optimize service delivery. More than 400 customers in over 30 countries use Catchpoint to strengthen their brands and grow their businesses. 

With Catchpoint’s largest public monitoring network in the industry, enterprises proactively detect, identify, fix and validate user experience and application performance problems before they impact user satisfaction and productivity. Companies such as Google, L'Oréal, Verizon, Oracle, LinkedIn and Honeywell use Catchpoint to optimize customer and employee experiences. 

Founded in 2008 by co-founders CEO Mehdi Daoudi and CPO Dritan Suljoti, Catchpoint is a privately held company with headquarters in New York City.

Markets: Retail, technology, cosmetics, banking, telecommunications

International Operations:

London: 30 Moorgate
London EC2R 6DN, UK

Bengalaru: 3rd Floor, Prestige Meridian 1
No. 29 Mahatma Gandhi Road
Bangalore 560001, India

Product and Services

Synthetic Monitoring:  Monitors everything from development to production that can affect your end-user experience
Network Insights: Provides complete visibility of every network layer to detect and resolve issues quickly
Real User Monitoring: Resolves performance issues faster, optimize conversions, and make better business decisions
Endpoint Monitoring: Monitors your end-to-end employee experience starting from their devices

Insight and Analysis

From a professional’s review in G2Crowd (2019):
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized? “The infrastructure used to deliver web applications (websites) to millions of prospects and customers to any device is built on a complex network and software architecture. Many different tools are in place to monitor availability and measure performances within specific systems, layers and components, but we lacked a holistic view from the perspective of the end user. Catchpoint fills that gap and then some. We periodically evaluate alternative tools, but Catchpoint continues to be the most effective and best value since it was first used in 2014.” 

What do you like best? “Tools make it very easy to fully understand where there are availability and performance issues with customer-facing web applications. And their product provides the ability to dive deeply into the details of the symptoms that help to pinpoint the root cause of problems and opportunities.”

What do you dislike? “The pay-by-point system that is used to purchase their product can make it challenging to project the cost and track usage of points, though I am not aware of any alternative to this model. It is just something to be aware of.”

Recommendations to others considering the product: “Start with a free trial and ensure you kick the tires hard. Understand the points system before purchasing and make sure someone at your company governs the use of the product and tracks point usage.”

Also from a professional in G2Crowd (2019):

What do you like best? “There are so many amazing capabilities of the Catchpoint platform that it would be hard to list them all here but without Catchpoint we were flying completely blind. We were about to launch a global rebranded/replatformed website for our multi-billion dollar corporation without the ability to measure the true performance of the site from all around the world. With Google now weighting SEO heavily on performance we knew that we were risking our SEO position that we had spent building over the past decade. With Catchpoint's Synthetics reporting and the ability to view desktop and mobile from users around the world on real-world networks, we were able to demonstrate that our performance risks were minimal. We have since added real user measurement and continue to build out high-value dashboards that are used across our organization to proactively monitor, manage, and improve our website’s performance. The Catchpoint team is also amazing. In my 40+ years in the IT industry, I have yet to experience a customer support organization that is as helpful and as proactive as the Catchpoint team. Their customer success team has been a tremendous asset to us.”

What do you dislike? “There really isn't anything that we dislike about the platform. The only thing that we struggle with is carving out enough time to fully utilize the capabilities of the platform. It is a feature-rich platform, and we are only scratching the surface on its capabilities. But what we do use is invaluable to our success.”


Other Information

List of current customers:

  • Honeywell
  • Acquia
  • Autodesk
  • L’Oreal
  • Verizon
  • Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings
  • Dotdash
  • LinkedIn
  • Qualtrics
  • Fastly

Delivery: Software as a service or on a server

Pricing: Annual license; pricing starts at $25,000 per year, based on usage. Catchpoint does not have a free version, but it does offer a free trial. For more information, email: [email protected]  

Other key players in this market: Thousand Eyes, Dynatrace

Contact information for potential customers:  Catchpoint website
To request a free trial, visit


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