Centric CRM Changes Name to Concursive

Centric CRM is changing its name to reflect an expanding software-as-a-service product line.

To reflect its product evolution beyond customer relationship management, Centric CRM announced Dec. 12 it's changed its name to Concursive.

The company also introduced a new suite of products that includes content management and enterprise 2.0 technologies—which Concursive has identified as two new areas of future growth.

The new name of the company is derived from the word concourse, based on its meaning as a public forum for meeting, debating and collaborations as well as a place where connections are made, according to a statement from the company released Dec. 12. Concourse also happens to be the name of its new software suite,

The Concourse 5.0 suite—formerly Centric CRM—integrates traditional CRM functionality with Web site creation, content management and Enterprise 2.0 collaboration features. The suite also including the company's TeamElements applications that provides tools for building discussion forums, wikis, blogs, RSS feeds, issue tracking, trouble ticketing and search, among other things, into their CRM applications. The company plans to develop functionality that allows users to tag, rate and receive content.

"The rise of the participatory Internet is dramatically changing the way businesses interact with their customers and vice versa," said Michael Harvey, executive vice president of Concursive, in a statement.

"Our mission remains the same as ever: to help organizations acquire, service and retain their customers, and we are developing our product set accordingly. The boundaries between CRM, Web sites, enterprise applications and transaction systems have blurred and will never be distinct again."

The 5.0 suite is available on premise or multi-tenant on demand, an architecture that was built with a "hub-and-spoke" model in mind. It enables companies to install an on-premise edition at corporate headquarters, for example, and then farm out on-demand versions to subsidiaries or partners. Company officials said the suite is applicable for small and mid-market companies as well.

The software is also distributed using an open-source framework. The 5.0 suite, available now, adds new capabilities such as a software developer kit that makes it easier for third-party developers to build add-on applications, and users to work with a public API [application programming interface] to access objects in the system.

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