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The PDF-based ChangeThis manifestos are designed horizontally for better on-screen viewing, and include a tinted background that reduces glare when a page is read on a monitor, but that does not print (is toner-friendly).

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ChangeThis - How to Manage Smart People

Typical of the project manifestos is one titled How to Manage Smart People ( by Scott Berkun, who after nine years at Microsoft managing some of the smartest people in the world, o

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ChangeThis - Navigation icons

Each page of a ChangeThis manifesto contains a set of interactive icons that simplifies basic functionality, including, from left to right: Return to front page; Get Info about the document; Send the PDF by email; Print; and Zoom/Magnification.

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ChangeThis - View save icons

The ChangeThis cover design includes several consistent navigational elements, inluding the ability to toggle in and out of full-screen display mode, and to save the PDF to disk.

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