Chemicals, Plastics Exchanges Link

In an effort to simplify online collaboration and procurement, plastics e-marketplace provider Omnexus Americas today announced an alliance with Elemica, a trading hub for the chemicals industry.

In an effort to simplify online collaboration and procurement for customers, plastics e-marketplace provider Omnexus Americas Inc. announced on Tuesday an alliance with Elemica Inc., an integrated trading hub founded by 22 of the worlds largest chemical companies.

Under the terms of the alliance, Atlanta-based Omnexus and Elemica will leverage the technology each has developed. Omnexus brings expertise in e-procurement technologies, while Elemica, of Wayne, Pa., offers ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) connectivity.

Elemicas Connected Solution product suite links members ERP systems through a single connection to the Elemica hub. The Wayne, Penn. based company also offers a suite of logistics and supply chain software called the Elemica Web Solutions and Elemica Supply Chain Solutions.

What Omnexus brings to the table is an e-procurement platform for buyer and supplier collaboration and transaction.

According to Kent Dolby, president and CEO of Elemica, the companies that will benefit from the alliance are those that buy chemicals or plastics and are looking for a way to access suppliers through a single technology connection.

Sellers, for their part, are expected to benefit from the Omnexus eMarketplace connection because they wont have to deal with overlapping technology standards, according to Dolby.

Currently, over 40 global suppliers are represented between the two companies. Omnexus suppliers include the likes of Atofina, BASF AG, Bayer AG, Biesterfeld, Dow Chemical, DSM and DuPont.

Elemicas founding members are some of Omnexus suppliers, including Atofina, BASF, Bayer, DuPont, DSM and others.