Cirba Rebrands to Densify, Releases Hybrid Virtual Infrastructure Service

Canadian company releases new analytics service, which optimizes public-cloud and on-premises virtual infrastructure, and updates its entire corporate image at the same time.


Turns out Cirba liked the name of its new product, Densify, so much that it is changing its corporate branding over to it. Hopefully some product manager will find a bonus in his/her paycheck, because it probably wasn’t in the job description to rename the company.

The Toronto-based software company, which provides analytics for storage supply and demand in the physical and virtual IT worlds, expanded its scope June 28 when it released the new analytics service, which it says optimizes both public-cloud and on-premises virtual infrastructure.

It also updated its entire corporate image at the same time.

Data movement and storage inefficiencies, in data centers or cloud deployments, have long been among the nastiest traffic pain points in enterprise systems. Densify is on a mission to straighten out these issues, wherever they may exist.

Real-Time Analytics, Plus a Real Person to Guide You

The new software-as-a-service offering combines predictive and real-time optimization analytics with what Densify calls an assigned Densification Advisor, an actual expert analytics person who guides new users through the process of using the service to eliminate the burdens of learning, operating, managing and maintaining new software.

The change to the Densify name serves to illustrate the company’s goal to reduce cloud and infrastructure costs while also improving application performance, CTO and co-founder Andrew Hillier told eWEEK. It also is intended to show that the company is now focused on cloud services, not only on-premises installations.

“Based on our experience, we know that organizations desperately want to reduce their cloud bill and show highly utilized infrastructure, but there are only so many hours in the day,” CEO Gerry Smith said. “We understand that IT is looking for more than a software product; they want outcomes. They are looking for experts who can tune and watch over the automated analytics; they want to know that someone is there for them, helping them deliver results, not another management and maintenance burden.”

Driving Immediate Business Value

With the combination of SaaS-based analytics and the Densification Advisor service, Densify sees itself as a complete service for automated optimization of public, on-premise or hybrid cloud infrastructures. With Densify, companies automate virtual machine placement and resource allocation actions to proactively remove risk and drive the lowest unit cost, Hillier said.

The new service also offers precise, data-driven cloud migration and transformation strategies and real-time hybrid and multi-cloud workload placements. One of the key benefits of Densify, Hillier said, is that it delivers better application performance with the highest asset utilization and lowest public cloud spend without requiring any special training.

“Densify serves as the ‘brain’ of our customers’ environments, right-sizing them, taking the guess work out of adding new applications, and determining the best way to leverage cloud,” Hillier said. “The analytics engine is extremely robust and has the ability to model some really advanced modernization techniques, such as stacking workloads in bare-metal clouds or optimizing container placement within a public cloud instance, which can save upwards of 80 percent of the cloud bill for some customers.

“Our approach is completely different from other products that are reactionary and can’t offer any visibility or insight into the reasoning or best practices of cloud utilization.”

The new service offers the following:

  • Reduced cloud costs:Densify examines detailed public cloud utilization and billing data to help customers actively reduce costs for services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and IBM SoftLayer. Densify uses workload pattern analysis and industry benchmarks to enable more advanced optimization of cloud usage.
  • Reduced infrastructure requirements: In bare metal clouds and on-premise infrastructure, such as an internal VMware environment, Densify analyzes workload patterns to right-size allocations and strategically place VMs. .
  • Better performing applications: Densify’s predictive analytics leverage historical patterns to model what a workload is going to do in the future. This enables Densify to automatically and proactively place and size VMs to avoid compute and storage risks. It also provides real-time responses to address operational anomalies and unexpected resource shortfalls.
  • Optimized application placement and transformation: Densify reviews all application requirements and workload patterns to automatically place workloads in the best hosting environments, whether in the cloud or on-premise according to requirements, cost and strategic priorities. It also provides detailed cloud migration and technology refresh plans.

Pricing, Availability and Free Usage

Densify is available now; pricing is based on service tiers and platform. For a limited time, Densify is enabling customers to start free of charge for 14 days. For more information, go here.

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