Citrix, WebEx Remote Control Packages Connect Users

GoToMyPC Corporate 4.1 and MyWebEx PC Pro cover Web-based basics, but the latter has first-release jitters.

With work rarely stopping after an employee leaves the office, remote control applications have become a necessity at many organizations.

Web-based remote control applications are often easier for users to navigate than VNC (virtual network computing) or SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) VPNs. Remote control applications are also more flexible, allowing IT managers to add new users easily without having to write one policy for full-time employees and another for contract workers or business partners.

eWEEK Labs recently tested Citrix Systems Inc.s Citrix GoToMyPC Corporate 4.1 and WebEx Communications Inc.s MyWebEx PC Pro. Our tests show that Citrix has built on the strength of previous versions of GoToMyPC, adding new management and security features. On the other hand, WebExs product showed its rookie status in tests, delivering spotty performance. Still, with WebExs robust Web conferencing technologies to draw from, we believe MyWebEx PC Pro should overcome its first-release woes.


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