Cleaning Up Spam

Except for the senders, no one likes spam.

Except for the senders, no one likes spam. Indeed a recent Gartner Group study found that a third of ISP customers want their service provider to stop the spam flow. Fortunately, you can use antispam server programs to block those nagging messages.

Most mail servers come with some type of built-in spam protection. Although, that functionality sometimes is buried with antiviral protection and can be hard to set up properly.

For ideal spam control, your best bet remains deploying third-party products that work with your hosted e-mail system. Based on our experiences, the spam filter we like most is Brightmails Solution Suite.

Unlike other antispam programs, Solution Suite is dynamically updated from Brightmails constantly updated spam databases. That means you can spend your time focused on providing speedier service instead of constantly manually adjusting your spam filters.