CloudMunch Launches New DevOps Tool, Partners With VMware

CloudOps is a new-gen feature set for building, scaling and managing infrastructure and applications across various IT environments.

Colorfully named DevOps platform provider CloudMunch is coining its own term -- CloudOps -- for its management suite of tools to build and run enterprise hybrid clouds.

The Bellevue, WA.-based startup's home-developed software package, launched Aug. 27, provides enterprises with a new-gen feature set for building, scaling and managing infrastructure and applications across various IT environments.

CloudMunch's first major partner in this area is VMware. CloudOps runs natively on several public clouds, the most prominent being VMware vCloud Air.

IT admins now can develop and move applications between on-premises and off-premises deployments without writing a lot of extra code, helping teams orchestrate the entire DevOps process in a single workspace—regardless of the organization's brand of DevOps environment.

DevOps -- a mashed-up compound of "development" and "operations" -- is a software development method that stresses communication, collaboration, integration, automation, and measurement of cooperation between software developers and other IT pros.

"Using CloudMunch CloudOps, enterprise customers can easily move their applications between public cloud and private cloud—performing dev-test in a public cloud, while running production in a private cloud or Web servers in public cloud with database servers in private cloud," CloudMunch CEO Pradeep Prabhu told eWEEK. "Also they can use one dashboard and one workspace across projects, technologies, tools and clouds providing a single view for enterprise DevOps at scale."

Managing complex development workflows while deploying applications in the cloud and in hybrid environments is a lot of work for enterprise IT staff. IT needs to be able easily integrate popular tools and services—including VMware vCloud Air—into existing infrastructure in an orchestrated and automated way to keep pace with accelerated business cycles, Prabhu said.

The new platform also works with tools such as Chef, Puppet, Jenkins and other popular DevOps tools, Prabhu said.

CloudOps organizes the development process across public, private and hybrid infrastructures, so enterprises can achieve faster release cycles, improve quality and promote continuous technology innovation. Customers can now manage the entire DevOps process with a plug-and-play framework that moves application and infrastructure code from source repositories to testing and production environments.

Traditional client/server IT architecture remains unchanged in a federated public-private cloud, creating a single application, data and management environment with maximum interoperability and workload portability.

CloudOps running on vCloud Air will be demonstrated during the DevOps breakout track at VMworld 2015 "Hybrid DevOps with vCloud Air – Bring Your Own Tools." The CloudMunch CloudOps for the Hybrid Cloud solution is available now. For a free trial, go here.

Chris Preimesberger

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