Clubhouse Project Manager ‘Spans More Than Just the Project Team’

Today’s topics include startup Clubhouse developing a project management solution for all of a company’s functional teams, and Check Point refining its offerings to meet and predict changing customer demands.

A "frictionless" environment enables the seamless sharing of data, processes, workflows and schedules among users and between platforms. This is especially important for today's software vendors, who are pushing out daily code updates while coordinating with marketing or sales staff, who may be on a different collaboration platform than the developers and engineers.

Addressing this situation is Clubhouse, a startup that is taking on traditional developer project management leader Atlassian and its Jira and Trello products with its own solution that spans all a company's functional silos beyond product engineering.

According to company CEO and co-founder Kurt Schrader, Clubhouse is "trying to build something that spans more than just the product team."

At Check Point Software’s CPX 360 conference in Las Vegas last week, Check Point vice president of product management Itai Greenberg laid out some details about the company's plans, past and future, as it refines and grows its IT security product and services lines for customers.

Check Point's market has transformed as customer demands and technology shift from hardware, data centers and desktop machines to cloud computing, mobile computing and internet of things. In response, Greenberg says Check Point is continuing to add more of those needed capabilities to its products to meet those customer demands.

He says, "We have three initiatives—improving existing products, creating new products and then predicting where technology will be in two to five years to build new capabilities that can last for up to 10 years.”