Coding Error Causes Sales Tax Glitch For Wal-Mart Customer

The retailer mistakenly charged tax for an item during a tax-free shopping event. But this customer took the case all the way to the governor's office.

During an annual tax-free shopping holiday in Georgia, a Wal-Mart store mistakenly charged sales tax on an item due to a coding error, according to Wal-Mart spokeswoman Susan Weber. "There are many, many items in a tax-free holiday and all of them have to be hand keyed in," Weber said. "This one just fell through the cracks."

Susan Asher, the customer who was mistakenly charged 27 cents in state sales tax, didn’t let the issue go and took her case to Wal-Mart headquarters, the Governors Office of Consumer Affairs, the governor’s office and finally the state Department of Revenue, which said she was right.

Asher told a Wal-Mart official that she should be compensated for her time and the executive offered to give her a $5 gift card.

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