Colligo Brings File, E-Mail Management to Microsoft SharePoint

Colligo Networks, which specializes in making IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft SharePoint messaging and collaboration suites more efficient, releases Contributor for SharePoint 4.0 with two new applications, one for file management and one for bringing Microsoft Outlook data into SharePoint. Colligo aims to make SharePoint more usable to help Microsoft compete with IBM, Google and Zoho.

Colligo Networks, a software integrator that moves data storage and synchronization functions from the server to the desktop for IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft SharePoint customers, June 29 added two applications to its latest Contributor for SharePoint package.

Contributor for SharePoint 4.0 now includes Colligo Contributor File Manager and the Colligo Contributor Uploader for Outlook.

Colligo Contributor File Manager is an extension for Microsoft's Windows Explorer file manager that links folders on a user's file system with SharePoint document libraries and lists.

This tool makes local folders aware of the presence of SharePoint so users can access metadata, content types and document templates, while adding and editing files using familiar desktop operations. With the tool, SharePoint folders can be accessed from any application that uses the standard Windows File Open/Save dialog. File Manager is available as part of Contributor Pro or as a separate application.

Colligo Contributor Uploader for Outlook lets users upload e-mails and attachments to SharePoint and browse document libraries and lists from within the Microsoft Office Outlook interface. Users can drag and drop content into document libraries and folders, instantly capturing critical metadata, increasing adoption of SharePoint for e-mail management.

Both the File Manager and Uploader for Outlook tools, slated for inclusion in Contributor for SharePoint 4.0 when it launches July 13, are designed to free key data from a Microsoft application and render it usable for SharePoint users.

Unlocking some of the doors between disparate applications is an important task for Microsoft because the software giant wants to keep customers from flocking to alternatives such as IBM Lotus Notes or SAAS (software as a service) collaboration suites from Google and Zoho.

Colligo, like its rival Mainsoft, is looking to help pick the locks between the data doors to allow the knowledge workers who use Notes and SharePoint to more efficiently complete business tasks.

Before creating Contributor to assuage customer pain points with SharePoint, Colligo created software to let Lotus Notes users replicate their databases directly between laptops without the need to connect to the Domino server. Colligo later addressed another pain point by allowing users of Windows-based laptops to connect directly over wireless links to share messages, files and folders.

Colligo, a certified Microsoft Gold ISV partner and IBM business partner, boasts customers such as Siemens, PricewaterhouseCoopers, General Motors and Qualcomm.