Corels WordPerfect Office 12 Wins Justice Seats

The Justice Department licenses more than 50,000 seats of Corel's office suite.

Corel Corp. announced a major customer win Monday in the form of a more than 50,000-seat license of its WordPerfect Office 12 office suite to the U.S. Department of Justice.

The company in the announcement release touted the win as a "key milestone" for WordPerfect Office and noted, "The DOJ adoption of WordPerfect Office 12 marks one of the worlds largest deployments of an alternative office suite across a single organization."

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Richard Carriere, general manager for office productivity at Ottawa-based Corel, spoke with about the win and its long-term impact.

"Looking at Microsoft [Corp.]s growth in the government and legal sector and then having the DOJ choose us in 2005 proves theres a relevance for what the product does and its benefits to the client," Carriere said.

"Even with the suit against Microsoft mostly behind them, the DOJ is still choosing our solution as the right alternative because it presents substantial benefits to the user."

As an example of benefits in the legal arena, Carriere cited advanced features in WordPerfect Office 12as preferable over other competitors, including its ability to handle the complexity of government and legal documents and expediently connect them to other advanced legal-focused tools within the software.

Carriere also noted that with the release of WordPerfect Office 12 in April of last year, there were enhancements made specifically in the upgraded version to enable users in the government and legal arena to utilize the software to improve their process.

"From the previous version we improved the existing PDF engine, the ability to open and save to Microsoft file format, and we added and improved tools to specifically help address the learning curve for people coming from other applications into WordPerfect Office 12 usage," said Carriere.

"We wanted to minimize the cost of training and made the improvements around that as one of our focuses," he said.

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