Coremetrics Optimizes Digital Marketing

The company is launching its Spring 2008 suite of applications.

Coremetrics is releasing Spring 2008, a technology suite designed to allow online businesses to optimize their digital marketing initiatives.

Announced May 5, the solution includes the Coremetrics Explore data analysis tool and Enterprise Dashboard user interface and KPI (key performance indicator) tracker, as well as enhancements to the existing Intelligent Offer, Search and Connect tools.

"Coremetrics Explore offers ad-hoc, customizable, aggregated multi-site reporting with a flexible modular user interface," said Brian Tomz, senior director of product strategy for Coremetrics.

Tomz said Explore allows users to design their own interfaces and run their own individualized reports.

"You can get the type of information on clients the way you want it, when you want it," he said. "Attribute analytics allows granular data collection. Clients are moving to a faceted-search capability; how does a customer search for a product-by manufacturer, by color? It gives you a better chance at providing the proper search menu and ordering capability to maximize sales."

Tomz said Explore also allows isolated reporting so users can tailor and filter analytics to match their "view of the world," and multidimensional relational analysis for granular customer segmentation.

"You can get very specific in the types of customer personas and affinities you look at," he said.

Furthermore, Tomz said Explore allows dynamic groupings of data and performs deep reporting on Web 2.0 applications.

"A lot of sites are moving toward technologies like AJAX [Asynchronized JavaScript and XML] and Flash," he said. "Meaningful interactions are occurring between page views. Users can understand the context of interaction-how long was a video played, what specific ads were looked at?"

Tomz said Enterprise Dashboard provides a real-time aggregate view of the enterprise with a simple, intuitive interface that allows performance to be evaluated at the enterprise or brand level. Upgrades to the Intelligent Offer rules engine allow sophisticated recommendation rules to be built on specific product attributes, and upgrades to the Search tool allow easier management of keyword lists from Google,Yahoo and MSN by hooking directly into the APIs (application programming interfaces) of those sites. The Connect platform is now enhanced with the Connect Profiler best practices library of integration documentation at the partner-class level.

According to a 2007 white paper from SEO (search engine optimization) consulting firm Pole Position Marketing, proper keyword management can be a critical part of e-commerce operations.

"Organizing your keywords properly will help you develop a successful strategy for getting every possible relevant keyword optimized into your site in a way that will help you achieve both short- and long-term success," states the paper. "It will also provide you a framework for ongoing optimization focusing on the most important keywords and phrases first and foremost hitting the pages which are most important."

Tomz said Coremetrics Spring 2008 is exclusively offered on a SAAS (software-as-a-service) basis.

"We get a record of every click on a client's Web site in real time, and process the data as it is received," he said. "The user logs into a hosted application and can perform tasks like navigating reports and making rules adjustments."

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